Twin Falls

As you might imagine, a towering plateau such as the Arnhem Plateau has more than a few waterfalls. The afternoon of the day we visited Jim Jim, we put on our swimsuits and hiking boots and headed for Twin Falls.

Twin Falls was a delight. Getting in was an adventure, but it was worth the effort. However, from what I’ve read, among the many alterations made in Kakadu was altering the approach to the falls to make it more accessible. No more paddling in on air mattresses (lilos in Australia), sliding over huge sunken boulders. Now you take a boat part way and then there’s a boardwalk. Well, I suppose that means more people get to see it. But the trip in was so much fun, I can’t help but think that something is lost. Of course, having now read about saltwater crocodiles appearing in the approach to some of the falls, and knowing that these savvy hunters would notice if lots more humans started showing up, it’s probably just as much a safety issue as it is an accessibility issue.

The photo below is from the base of the falls looking back toward the spit of land where we dumped our lilos when we went for a swim. The picture is a little deceiving, because it’s hard to tell how large the area is. Look for the little humans below the short trees on shore to get a sense of scale.

The spot was glorious, and while I’m disappointed to learn that the adventure has been somewhat diminished, it’s nice to know more people get to appreciate Twin Falls.

Twin Falls Gorge

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