Photo Friend

One of life’s great joys is discovering people who share your love of something that is important to you. I love nature and beauty, and that particular interest has led to a friendship with Carol Freeman, an outstanding nature photographer who shares my love of beauty. Sure, there are differences in our approaches—I’m more international and am as drawn to rocks, ruins, and open-air markets as I am to birds and flowers, while Carol has focused her energy on recording and protecting rare and endangered species, primarily in the Midwestern U.S.—but the same delight in beauty and reverence for creation can be seen when comparing our nature photography. However, Carol, who works for the Nature Conservancy and other ecologically oriented groups, is a full-time professional, while I’m primarily a writer who uses photography to supplement my words—and that difference shows both in Carol’s level of skill and depth of work.

So I thought today, I’d give you one of Carol’s photos, and then send you to her website, so you can revel in the glory of her work. Her site is “In Beauty I Walk,” and you’ll see why once you visit it.

Carol’s Egret


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