Yellow Water Lagoon

Our second day in Kakadu National Park, we had an early-morning cruise on the beautiful Yellow Water Lagoon (sometimes also called Yellow Water Wetlands). The lagoon is named for the yellow water lilies that cover the surface of the water in the spring. We were a little early for the yellow flowers, but we were delighted by the astonishing bird life that is the real reason folks come to this wetland area. I also thought the saltwater lagoon itself to be remarkably beautiful. In the photo below, the glassy water reflects a large clump of pandanus and the surrounding pale-trunked paperbark trees that are common around waterholes in Kakadu.

Yellow Water Lagoon



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2 responses to “Yellow Water Lagoon

  1. Amydeanne

    looks beautiful!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I love the name of your blog, reminds me of an old song “waltzing matilda” that I had heard as a child!

    I’ll be back to browse some more!!!

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