Binna Burra

If you read my entry on O’Reilly’s, you’ll know that O’Reilly’s is at one entrance to glorious Lamington National Park, and Binna Burra is at the other end.

I had promised myself during that first trip to Australia that someday I’d get back to Queensland and spend more time in this delightful park, and I did, on my second trip. However, I did not return to O’Reilly’s, having already visited; for my second trip, I visited Binna Burra. This time, I stayed for three days, basking in the beauty. Binna Burra is a splendid, forest-wrapped, mountaintop retreat where all the buildings—and the furnishings in those buildings—were created from any trees that had to be cleared in order to build. Every room has a glorious view, from the individual cabins to the large, glass-walled dining room.

There are numerous walking tracks, and one can wander on one’s own or choose one of the naturalist-led outings. I did a bit of both, keeping to the shorter trails when going solo, but tackling a daunting 23K hike through (and up and down) the mountains in the company of an expert on the area’s plants and animals. Our guide identified bird calls, pointed out a sunning python, fed us edible fruit from trees along the path, explained the different root structures we were seeing, and generally filled our day with wonder during the 9+ hour hike. (Though we didn’t hike the entire time. The resort staff had packed lovely lunches for us, and supplied backpacks for us to carry them in.)

In the mornings, we arose to the caroling of the Australian magpies. At breakfast, glorious rainbow lorikeets (brilliantly multi-colored little parrots) came to eat outside the window of the dining room. I heard the astonishing mating call of a bower bird just outside my cabin. I saw a few crimson rosellas, which I had remembered so fondly from my first visit to this park.

And around us were glorious vistas of the surrounding mountains and the lush greenery of rain forest. It was a simply glorious place and lived up to all my heart had remembered of my initial reaction to the rain forest.

Here are photos of my room at Binna Burra—and the view from my room.

Room at Binna Burra View, Binna Burra


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  1. thanks for stopping by… your blog looks great, and thanks for your comment!

  2. Thanks for the comments on my blog and the link to your own. I may need to connect with you for more on the “dreaming of writing” feeling that you describe in your “About” tab.

    All the best…

  3. walkingflowers

    hi. just like the rest – thanks for commenting.

    indeed, i do need to say ‘no’ more often. it’s funny how ‘no’ is the common word for a 2-year-old, but it’s almost hard to say it as you get older. now, ‘no’ is something rare that comes out of my mouth. maybe i need to be trained by a 2-year-old 😡

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