Millaa Millaa Falls

As I mentioned in the entry on Annan River Gorge, I have kind of a thing for waterfalls. But I think most people do. There is something both elegant and powerful about water gushing over a drop of whatever depth, from short rushes to long, sinuous falls. So, with time in Queensland drawing to a close, and a move to a drier region (and who could guess how I’d react to that) just ahead, visiting  waterfalls on the Atherton Tablelands seemed irresistable.

The Atherton Tablelands are carved by numerous streams and rivers, and waterfalls abound. Most of the falls are surrounded by the glorious greenness of the rain forest.  Visiting the area’s falls was the perfect way to say farewell to greenery.

Of the falls I visited, my favorite was Millaa Millaa Falls. All were lovely, but Millaa Millaa was tall enough to be impressive, in an open area that took full advantage of the delightful interaction of sunlight and water.

Millaa Millaa Falls


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2 responses to “Millaa Millaa Falls

  1. Glad you like the photo. If you didn’t click on it, to see if full size, you should. There are people at the bottom of the falls, and it gives you some perspective on how tall the waterfall is.

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