Kuranada Train Station

When I visited Kuranada, I arrived by bus and returned by train. Until World War II, however, the train was the only way to reach Kuranada. The road was built to help handle the dramatically increased traffic caused by supplying the many troops stationed on the Atherton Tablelands during the war. (Almost all of coastal Queensland was part of the war zone during WWII.)

Almost as soon as the Barron Gorge Railway (the line that connects Cairns to Kuranda) opened at the end of the 1800s, it became a hugely popular tourist attraction. Passengers from ships that docked in Cairns would take the ride up the gorge to see the picturesque falls, admire the tunnels and trestles that permitted the passage of the train (a great engineering accomplishment), and enjoy the beauty of the tablelands.

I had already enjoyed a little of the beauty of the tablelands by the time I headed for the train station. The Kuranada Station is almost as famed as the ride down the mountain. Ornamental plantings for the station were first proposed in 1910, and the station masters  at Kuranada won their first Annual Garden Competition in 1915. They took that honor often after that. The abundant flora at the station has been maintained from those first ambitious days of planting, and it makes the station seem more of a destination than a jumping-off point.

Kuranda Train Station



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2 responses to “Kuranada Train Station

  1. yankeebelle

    Thanks so much for the nice comment. It is lovely there to be sure, but a photo editor with saturation edits makes it even a tad lovlier! 🙂

  2. Well, even if you did fix them up a bit, Yankeebelle, I enjoyed your photos. They made North Carolina look most attractive.

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