Annan River Gorge

Like the river in Scotland, the Annan River in Queensland is a destination for fishing enthusiasts. Unlike the river in Scotland, however, the Annan in Queensland has crocodiles, at least in the broad, salty estuaries near the ocean. You need to find out how far inland you are before you think about swimming in this river.

We were far enough inland that crocodiles were not a concern for us. We stopped to view the Annan River Gorge, a deep cleft cut by the river through a rocky wilderness that in turn seem to cut through the surrounding woodlands.

I have a special fondness for waterfalls, so I wanted to photograph the rushing river dropping into the deep gorge. However, there was no position where I could get a clear, unobstructed shot—so I got a couple of the guys in our group to hold onto my belt while I leaned out over the gorge to get this shot. In retrospect, I think I was crazy. But I like the shot, and it seemed like a good idea at the time.
Annan River Gorge


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