Brisbane Architecture

Brisbane, which is the capital of Queensland, is a wonderful blend of semi-tropical paradise and elegant European city. There are fabulous trees and flowers and much extravagant architecture. The iron from which the city’s abundant iron lace was cast usually arrived as ballast in ships.

Brisbane is not the only city in Australia with iron lace, and it does not even have the most iron lace of any city in  Australia—that honor goes to Melbourne. But Brisbane was the first place I encountered the iron lace that is so typical of the exuberant era of these cities coming of age in the late 1800s.

Of course, iron lace is not the only historic architectural element one encounters in Brisbane. Everything from Renaissance to Second Empire pops up around the city. But all combine to make Brisbane a lovely place to wander and admire.

Brisbane Architecture


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  1. It is now 2.10 am here in Melbourne, and I should have been in bed hours ago! But I chanced upon your blog and couldn’t stop reading the whole lot! Thank you for writing such great things about our land Down Under. We are pretty laid back about it in the eyes of most visitors, but most Aussies think it still the best place in the world! I’m going to look for your book here in Melbourne, but if I can’t find it, I’ll go to Amazon.
    If you come here again, email me – I’d love to have a coffee and chat with you!

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