Houses on Stumps

One of the things I intend to do with this blog is illustrate my book, Waltzing Australia. There are some wonderful things I saw that, though described in the book, might benefit from an occasional photo. So, as you read, you can come here to find pictures that go with the words. I’ll focus on things that are either a bit hard to imagine for those not living in Australia or things that are simply so lovely or wonderful I feel compelled to share. Of course, if you do a search and don’t find an image of something that has you wondering, feel free to let me know. I’ll try to respond to requests.

The story starts in Queensland, so that’s where I’ll start now. One of the things I talk about that I don’t think most non-Aussies will have encountered are houses on stumps. Queensland is not the only place these occur, but it is where I first saw them. The stumps permit breezes to pass under the house, which helps keep things cooler in the often toasty conditions of the top half of Australia. Here’s a house on stumps I saw not far from Brisbane.

House on Stumps, Queensland


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