The Book is Out!

I just got my sample copy from the printer on Thursday, and on Saturday night, the book popped up on So it’s ready! Hard to believe. It took a long time and a lot of work—but now it’s real. I’m very excited—not just to have a book out, but to be able to share what I learned about Australia with a wider audience.

The book has gotten some good feedback. Here are comments from two early reviewers:

“Cynthia Clampitt’s luminous chronicle of her love affair with Australia resonates to the heart’s deep core.”
Richard Lederer
Bestselling author of Word Wizard and The Miracle of Language

Cynthia is a beautiful writer. I felt like she took me along on her shoulder and made me feel the beauty of a special place. She brings her dream alive on paper, celebrating both the beauty and ruggedness of a vast country of huge contrasts. It’s the kind of journey everyone dreams of. Waltzing Australia is a breath of freshness in today’s complicated world.
Carol Hitchie
Destinations Downunder

So I hope you’ll join me for the adventure. Maybe it will help you start planning your own adventure in Australia.

Oh—and here’s the cover my brother created for the book. The photo of me was taken at the end of the riding trip described in the May 31 post.

Waltzing Australia book cover


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4 responses to “The Book is Out!

  1. Congratulations, Cynthia!!! I look forward to reading your book!

  2. Book ordered….

    Congratulations Cynthia..


  3. Heading over to Amazon now! Woo Hoo! How exciting for you. You must be thrilled and relieved and jumping for joy! Congrats.

  4. Thanks. And yes, I’ve very excited—and, as you guessed, Lana, also relieved. The process does seem to go on for a while.

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