Three Sisters

My first visit to the Three Sisters was on my first trip to Australia. However, my favorite photo of this rock formation was from my second trip to Oz.

The Three Sisters is a three-peaked rock formation at the edge of the Jamison Valley in the Blue Mountains outside Sydney. On my first visit, it was sunny and there weren’t many people. On my second visit, it was raining lightly and there were buses full of tourists. However, because of the rain, the tourists were all packed into nearby tourist venues, ordering snacks or playing video games. I put my hood up and headed outside alone—and was abundantly rewarded, as you’ll see in the photo below.

The Three Sisters, by the way, derive their name from Aboriginal mythology. Back in the time of legend, three sisters went into the forest to forage with the local witch doctor. The girls got tired and decided to stay behind while the doctor headed farther into the woods. They idly threw stones over the cliff, which woke up a mythical carnivorous creature known as bunyip. Hearing the girls’ cries of distress, the witch doctor came running, magic stick in hand. To save the girls from being dinner for the bunyip, he turned them into the three stone pillars that still stand in the mountains.

The Three Sisters are worth a visit, as is the entire area surrounding them, even if you do go on a sunny day. But if you happen to be there when it’s raining lightly, perhaps you’ll see what I saw that day.

Three Sisters, Blue Mountains, New South Wales


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3 responses to “Three Sisters

  1. Hey there,
    Thank you for the reply. I’ll come back to your site when I have some time on hand to enjoy more. Congrats on the book, I have one coming out in Feb 08. The editor has the first draft. Lots of works isn’t it?

    Good luck,

  2. Great shot, beautiful picture of the Three Sisters!

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