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The first impression one may have in reading this blog is that I’ve only been to Australia. My first trip to Australia was a pivotal event in my life, but it was by no means my only trip. I have been to 35 countries on six continents, and have traveled widely in the U.S. My adventures have ranged from high end to exotic to rough and tumble, with accommodations that span the spectrum from elegant hotels to nomads’ tents. As a result, I’ve learned a fair bit about traveling successfully—and I actually get paid on occasions to do presentations on the topic.

I thought that, in between travel tales, I’d share a few top tips for making travel easier, safer, healthier, and more find. Today, I’ll introduce two of my favorite products for when I’m on the road.

The first is J.R. Liggett shampoo. This is great shampoo—all natural, biodegradable, easy on the hair, and rich enough that you probably won’t need conditioner. The thing that makes it perfect for travel is that it’s a bar. A 3.5 oz. bar of this shampoo is roughly the equivalent of 24 fluid ounces of liquid shampoo. It’s light weight, easy to pack, and won’t spill. I’ve been carrying this stuff for ages, but have come to appreciate it even more of late, with the strict limits now being placed on liquids as a security measure on airlines. There are a couple of brands of bar shampoo, but this is the one that has always worked best for me. (And as a cautionary note: some folks just take pine tar soap along, especially when camping, as it can double as a shampoo, but be aware that pine tar increases photo-sensitivity, so you may burn more easily or get sun poisoning if you’re relying on this in a very sunny situation. No problem if you’re just going to museums, however. Not as good for your hair as the J.R. Liggett shampoo, but it will suffice.)

J.R. Liggett shampoo can be found in many health food stores or online at

Recommended item number two is Emergen-C from Alacer Corp. Emergen-C is an electrolyte powder that comes in little foil packets. I always have some of these with me, but never so faithfully as when I’m on the road. The pressurized cabins in airplanes are notorious for their dehydrating effect, and while drinking lots of fluids helps, adding some electrolytes is even better, especially on long flights. Then, of course, if your destination is some place toasty, it’s good to have your Emergen-C along there, too.

Why Emergen-C? Well, it has twice the potassium of the top sports drinks. It adds stacks of vitamins that help with stress (B vitamins and 1,000 mg of Vitamin C—that’s why that “C” is highlighted in the name), and it’s all natural—no chemicals or artificial sweeteners to hurt you. Just lots of lovely electrolytes and stress vitamins in a yummy, fizzy drink. Of course, because even staying at home can lead to a need for electrolytes, this is not a bad thing to have on hand even when you’re not traveling. You can find it at almost every health food store, camping outfitter, or Whole Foods store. Good stuff. And if you need it, a life saver.


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  1. dianna

    love your site. i too swear by emergen-c when travelling and at home too. funny, i also use j. r. liggetts bar shampoo. so far i’ve only travelled to mexico and guatemala – but it works there too and i use it at home to elimate plastic bottles.

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