Australia Calling

The long climb from out-of-work adventurer to successful freelance writer is outlined, though briefly, in the epilogue to Waltzing Australia. The long “second step” may seem short in the rear-view mirror, but it seemed very long indeed at the beginning, before I had really succeeded—and before I had managed to get back to Australia. I never truly despaired—that might have resulted in giving up. However, there were times I longed for the certainty I had when I was traveling in Oz—not to mention longing for the country itself. I’ve been back to Australia three times since that first six-month trip, but before my second trip, when it seemed that I’d struggle forever to make things work out, I wrote the following little poem.

Australia Calls Me Still

Australia rises suddenly

And catches in my throat:

My heart beats faster, and the hair

At my neck’s nape stirs,

And a sad thrill,

A sweet remembrance salted by the miles,

Floods through me,

And I know I must get back,

Somehow, someday,

To what I was, and who, and where

When I was in Australia.

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