Cooktown revisited

When I included an excerpt about Cooktown in my March 20 post, I was not yet posting images (had to read all thos FAQs on how to do it). But I don’t want you to miss seeing some of the places I’ve already described here—and that I’ll describe in far greater detail in my book—so I figured I’d go back and “revisit” some of these places, so you can match images to words.

So here’s what it looks like in Cooktown. The small hut after the intersection is the public accountant’s office I mentioned in my earlier post. Of course, there are more buildings to the right. but not a lot more. This is a town that is definitely dominated by the wilderness that surrounds it. I think it’s perfectly splendid.

Cooktown, Queensland, Australia



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2 responses to “Cooktown revisited

  1. Sarah Martin

    When was this image taken? Must have been quite a few years ago. Looks quite different now!

    • Yep — quite a while ago — during my first trip to Australia. I imagine it has changed, as places I had the chance to revisit on subsequent trips were also quite different — such as Broome, WA. Because I did get to see two versions of Broome, I did a post on how it had changed. But I haven’t managed to get back to Cooktown. That said, this photo was taken to highlight the remoteness of the area. I have other shots that show a great deal more development. Still, it would be hard to visit anywhere and not see changes after a dozen years.

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