While writing was a primary goal of my first Australia trip, and has remained a major component of all my travels since that life-altering trip, I also have a great fondness for photography. When I landed in Australia, in addition to my trusty Nikon FM2, I had a fair number of lenses, a tripod, and 120 rolls of Kodachrome film. As a result, images are part of what I hope to be sharing with you on this blog. And I figured that there could hardly be anything more Australian for kicking that off than a nice koala (even though, personally, I prefer kangaroos).

“Koala” is an Aboriginal word for “never drink” or “no water.” Koalas get almost all the moisture they need from the eucalypt leaves they eat. However, they do occasionally drink, but only small amounts, and only in the summer, when the leaves dry out. Adult koalas come in a surprising range of sizes: from 10 to 30 pounds, and two to three feet in length. They have remarkably soft fur, but their long, sharp claws make them less than ideal as cuddly toys.




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2 responses to “Koala

  1. airmiles

    That Koala is definately cute! Great picture.
    When Steve and I were in Australia we wanted to see a kangaroo. Unfortunately the one and only one we saw was dead on the side of the road after being hit by a car. We were so sad. I’m with you on preferring kangaroos!

  2. Yeah– it’s like deer here in Illinois. Kangaroos (and deer) seem determined to jump in front of cars. But if you get far enough out, or if you’re on foot, you can see them. And there’s always Kangaroo Island — you can’t avoid them there!

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