There must be a reason

This blog will, I hope, accomplish many things. I plan to use it to share photographs to accompany the stories in my book, Waltzing Australia (due out May 2007), and I would like to relate adventures from other trips to Australia, following the one that is the subject of the book.

I also hope to share other travel and adventures, from cooking lessons in Mexico to camel riding in Morocco, from dining in London to cruising through markets in Ecuador. Because I am also a food writer and culinary historian, there is every likelihood that you’ll run into a few recipes here, as well.

I’ll wait until the book is out to start including photos. And don’t worry—I’ll make certain you know when the book is out.

Perhaps I’ll start with the back cover “blurb,” and then over the weeks until the book comes out, offer “nibbles” from the book.

The Blurb:

Does a sensible, successful woman in her mid-30s walk away from money, security, career just to make a dream come true? Absolutely. But why Australia?

Nobel laureate Patrick White had called Australia a subtle country of secret colors, where “it is possible more easily to discard the inessential and to attempt the infinite.” That was exactly what the author wanted. She circled and crossed the continent, covering nearly 20,000 miles, discovering Australia, rediscovering herself.

And as she traveled, she wrote, recording her adventures and her growing love for the “sunburnt country.” Waltzing Australia is about Australia’s history, legends and art, both European and Aboriginal, about the beauty, the challenge, the people, the cities, the land. And it is about paying the price to make dreams come true.


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